Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well...hello there!

Thanks for checking out NewBody Fit Club blog. It's actually not a club at all, more like a daily journal of my progress to get my tired, aging, un-motivated ass back in shape. I hope by you checking out my daily posts, it will motivate help in motivating you or a loved one to get off the couch and back in life's big game.

The main reason why I did this was because I was tired of being well, tired all the time. I am going to be 40 years old this year and with 2 little kids running around the house, both 5 and under, I wanted to be there for them whenever they called.

I usually gain a bunch of weight in the late fall/winter months. Living here in New Hampshire, those months make for a pretty long and dreary period of time. Eating is more of a boredom and comforting thing for me. When spring rolls around, I go to the gym and start the process all over again. Lose, gain, lose, gain. I am actually getting kind of dizzy from it all.

My goal is simple, lose 25-30 lbs. by working out and dieting right from April 1 - July 1 - just in time for 4th of July festivities on the beach!

Wish me luck and feel free to comment on my daily pics and videos I upload. Give me your criticism's or some tips that you have found work well for you.

Thanks and hope to see you all around soon!